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November 28, 2019


  • Replaced Ethereum smart contract editor with Smart Contract Designer supporting two modes, which is amazing!
    1. Graph Mode that allows building smart contracts by dragging and dropping shapes on canvas without coding. Different shapes as assets/transactions can be connected as a graph and translated to smart contract code. Parameters can be defined for each asset/transaction. Default Parameters denote the graph structure is added implicitly and can be leveraged on relational asset/transaction queries.
    2. Expert Mode gives more possibility over a predefined model by allowing experienced users to write arbitrary code on a code editor
  • Added SMS as an option of SIMBA notification
  • Added links of new demo applications on Get Support page
  • Rearranged layout of left-sided menu


  • Updated backend to use the new Smart Contract Designer.
  • Further improvements to Nonce handling
  • Error handling improvements
    • Users should now be better able to figure out why a transaction fails
  • Numerous transaction validation improvements
  • Added SMS notification protocol through Twilio.
  • Numerous stability fixes.
  • API support for more complex types for method parameters